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CCC talk on SinCensura workshop

This year the Chaos Computer Congress takes place online. There are lots of workshops taking place every day, one after the other, simultaneously.

One of them is ours: an account of aworkshop sharing to latinoamerican feminist hacktivists on what we learned documenting and analysing the blocking of a website,, in Spanish territory.

Not only the account on how we organised it, what tools we used but also, what we learned from this new way of interacting, virtually, in the distance, without seeing each others’ faces, and yet looking after each other’s feelings and well-being.

We are not going to use CCC tools (not usable for some old machines), so we improvised some more accessible virtual space. How to get to the livestream and the contents:

  • Pad for note taking here (this is where you can put questions in the chat)
  • livestream

The workshop will take place today 30th of January 2020 at 15:00h CET (GMT+1) or 3pm Paris time.