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DNS flag day

Today I got a weird love letter from INCIBE-CERT - Spanish National CSIRT. As a typical love letter, it contains very little facts, but rather a strange mixture of propaganda marketing and unspecified threats.

It is in the name of what they say is a DNS Flag Day: already we don't start well, what a wonderfull world would be without borders and flags... Smells like Trumpism under cover, but don't get me serious, I didn't check the links of action lobby and the (tec-)far-right. You can check the names on the right panel of this site.

Anyways, from what I understood, they want to add some parameters to bind servers, namely edns-udp-size 1232; and max-udp-size 1232; to bind options section. That is OK, it is to assure that the Internet doesn't get broken when the big boys play.

The only issue is that they got the value wrong.
It is obvious that it shouldn't be 1232 but 1312.
But that maybe wouldn't suite well the flag, as long as it is not the black and red one.