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Women against borders

Who invented the Borders? It wasn't me.
Who imposes them? Who defends them? Who kills for them?
Who benefits from them?

The safety lived in privileged area is unrealistic. This is not the Norm. I wish it was, but at the same time, this state of affairs is not possible if generalised. Running hot water, street lights at night everywhere, electricity at home at any hour, square meters per person.

The idea of borders came from somewhere, wasn't always there. Borders around "property" even less. Hybrid property systems on land, such as having at the same time property right and usage right, are annoying, but also they guard a reasonable approach : "the land is for who works on it".

Political and ideological border that separate one culture from another that is supposed to bring safety, seems to me a mistake. At my grandma's village safety came from good neighbour relations between different "cultures", "ethnicities", "religions". Safety came from respect and understanding. And affect.

Why do we believe that people born within one political demarcation have the right to comfort, while for some others it is normal to die and suffer? When did we "naturalise" such thinking? When the right to move became rich people's privilege?

Can we afford criticising the mere existence of borders now instead of just requesting better administration of those? Schengen, Covid, Brexit, Pandemics... what if we realise that the "border" is an unrealistic madman's fantasy that is widely believed?

How would we manage "our" care and safety if there were no "borders"? Can we take the responsibility for it? Who are the "Others"? For the majority of people on the planet, "we" are the "Others".