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Poland - first month

Dear friends,
Under the first look on polishness, there is a milder layer. So this post will be mostly on good parts.
There are nice social movements, and certain global movements, such as feminism, are present. Although patriarchy is stubbornly the main and default way of thinking for many, certain doubts sprout, there is soil to build on. Actually, I have spotted stickers, t-shirts and bags with anti-hate slogans, so it seems it is already a widely recognised issue.

What makes me feel good, is that most of things seem down-scaled, are human sized and embraceable. Cities, movements, distances, highways... I know how personal and subjective it is, but for now things are not overwhelming.

Super important, tomatoes taste super good. There is general availability of non-meat food. Although local coffee culture could be ameliorated, and I still haven't understood why there is always mustard in the mayonnaise, food is OK. And yes, a lot of Czech beer seems to be an important part of the local culture that I have to work hard to get used to.