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Poland - first week

This will be a rant. A big Rant.

When arriving to Poland from the west, I inmediately noticed that this is the place where the drivers come the closest to another car's tail. Sometimes it is justified, often not. What struck me first was very much aggressive, testosterone-like driving culture. And I observed it both with men and women.

While driving, it is very hard to keep to the rules. In the villages the speed limit is 50km/h, but it is still annoying to many if you drive 60-65, the pressure is rather uncomfortable.

Unpleasantness of driving in Poland is subjectively similar to how Italians drive, from the countries I went through.

Next thing that struck me is the feeling of hate all around. Opinionated hate. What I mean is that it is very hard to defend the middle ground, opinions get rapidly classified at some polarised extreme. And opinions or lifestyles that differ from yours are clearly wrong, proving another person stupid. Sometimes those polarised opinions that cause hate seem similar to me on both sides, so I have hard time to take part in a debate, not being able to forsee what extreme my opinions will be assigned to.

Also, on the day I arrived, I stopped to have a sandwich on the parking next to the road. 100% of drivers and copilots stared at me in manifest way while passing by, to the point they had to turn they heads. That was unpleasant feeling. Then I remembered one couple's discussion that I witnessed a couple of years ago. They saw people eating their food at some gas station. The commentary was that those people are greedy as they don't want to buy food in McDo. Humiliating emotion was palpable.

So it seems the scial pressure and control are strong.

At the other hand, there are some nice projects and people trying to upkeep alternative options. Also, some people I talk to, seem to be really nice people. So kind, helpful, caring poeple are here, only that the other part of humanity is more visible. I guess. When getting deeper, I will hopefully grasp more understanding. For now I decided to be super-carefull not to let in any hate.

What is super nice is the weather, it has been raining for the last week, intermitently with sun. Also, non-fancy centro-european food is great. People don't seem to pretend much or at least they don't pretend to be friendly; maybe they are pretending that they are unfriendly?