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New World Order

It seems that things begin simple, then they get more and more diverse: new species and landscapes emerge, different life forms reflect diversity of conditions... Creative force is at its best.

But then, the decay begins.
Usually one, the most aggressive species takes over and starts dominating others, monoculture starts to impoverishes the ecosystem. Its robustness was driven from the diversity, so now the balance tumbles and shivers.
The collapse is maybe not yet visible, but inevitable.

This is where we are now within digital environment.
Some time ago we had sysadmins, opers, network admins and programmers, soon only the latter will remain.
Sysadmins are forced to convert into "yaml developers", working on rudimentary not-even-languages to cover what before represented a diversity of tools and tasks. Complexity, detail, deep understanding and precision are cut off by this dull knife.

Push and pull: immediatist intermediary capitalism leaked into our daily work. "I want it and I want it now!" Or "now me, now me, see me see me!", all with "stay positive" sauce. Without mentioning mandatoriness of visibility. Again.

Gitocracy proves decadency.