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Poland - first month

Dear friends,
Under the first look on polishness, there is a milder layer. So this post will be mostly on good parts.
There are nice social movements, and certain global movements, such as feminism, are present. Although patriarchy is stubbornly the main and default way of thinking for many, certain doubts sprout, there is soil to build on. Actually, I have spotted stickers, t-shirts and bags with anti-hate slogans, so it seems it is already a widely recognised issue.

What makes me feel good, is that most of things seem down-scaled, are human sized and embraceable. Cities, movements, distances, highways... I know how personal and subjective it is, but for now things are not overwhelming.

Super important, tomatoes taste super good. There is general availability of non-meat food. Although local coffee culture could be ameliorated, and I still haven't understood why there is always mustard in the mayonnaise, food is OK. And yes, a lot of Czech beer seems to be an important part of the local culture that I have to work hard to get used to.

Poland - first week

This will be a rant. A big Rant.

When arriving to Poland from the west, I inmediately noticed that this is the place where the drivers come the closest to another car's tail. Sometimes it is justified, often not. What struck me first was very much aggressive, testosterone-like driving culture. And I observed it both with men and women.

While driving, it is very hard to keep to the rules. In the villages the speed limit is 50km/h, but it is still annoying to many if you drive 60-65, the pressure is rather uncomfortable.

Unpleasantness of driving in Poland is subjectively similar to how Italians drive, from the countries I went through.

Next thing that struck me is the feeling of hate all around. Opinionated hate. What I mean is that it is very hard to defend the middle ground, opinions get rapidly classified at some polarised extreme. And opinions or lifestyles that differ from yours are clearly wrong, proving another person stupid. Sometimes those polarised opinions that cause hate seem similar to me on both sides, so I have hard time to take part in a debate, not being able to forsee what extreme my opinions will be assigned to.

Also, on the day I arrived, I stopped to have a sandwich on the parking next to the road. 100% of drivers and copilots stared at me in manifest way while passing by, to the point they had to turn they heads. That was unpleasant feeling. Then I remembered one couple's discussion that I witnessed a couple of years ago. They saw people eating their food at some gas station. The commentary was that those people are greedy as they don't want to buy food in McDo. Humiliating emotion was palpable.

So it seems the scial pressure and control are strong.

At the other hand, there are some nice projects and people trying to upkeep alternative options. Also, some people I talk to, seem to be really nice people. So kind, helpful, caring poeple are here, only that the other part of humanity is more visible. I guess. When getting deeper, I will hopefully grasp more understanding. For now I decided to be super-carefull not to let in any hate.

What is super nice is the weather, it has been raining for the last week, intermitently with sun. Also, non-fancy centro-european food is great. People don't seem to pretend much or at least they don't pretend to be friendly; maybe they are pretending that they are unfriendly?

Arch install with full disk encryption on libreboot

These notes reflect process of installing Arch linux on x200 ThinkPad with LibreBoot v. 20160907 and full disk encryption. "Full" means full, as disk is initially decrypted with LB, and if default named logical volumes are found, boot process is handled to OS grub and then process follows more or less as usual. We use default LB naming for logical volumes, you can modify those and reflash LB.

------- ✂ -------

Censorship talk

In 2020 a on Spanish censorship on was published. Upon knowing it, asked us to share the knowledge, as they were planning to make a similar one about the blockage of Pikara Magazine in America. This workshop took place online in August 2020 for 4 days over a 2 weeks period, by women, for women.

As a part of feminist assembly at remote CCC, we have reflected on the experience from the process. Here you can find the from the talk.

------- ✂ -------

CCC talk on SinCensura workshop

This year the Chaos Computer Congress takes place online. There are lots of workshops taking place every day, one after the other, simultaneously.

One of them is ours: an account of aworkshop sharing to latinoamerican feminist hacktivists on what we learned documenting and analysing the blocking of a website,, in Spanish territory.

Not only the account on how we organised it, what tools we used but also, what we learned from this new way of interacting, virtually, in the distance, without seeing each others’ faces, and yet looking after each other’s feelings and well-being.

We are not going to use CCC tools (not usable for some old machines), so we improvised some more accessible virtual space. How to get to the livestream and the contents:

  • Pad for note taking here (this is where you can put questions in the chat)
  • livestream

The workshop will take place today 30th of January 2020 at 15:00h CET (GMT+1) or 3pm Paris time.

chapa y pintura submarina

Hoy nos planteamos cómo hacer la edición y publicación de nuevas entradas al blog disponible para todas las piratas submarinas.

Con el kodama escribimos un par de scripts guarros de sysadmins, así que ahora cada pirata, esté donde esté en el barquito, puede lanzar el comando sub\_nikola\_plantilla "titulo" "tag1,tag2" "mi descripción" para que se genere en su homedir una carpeta public_md/ y allí el post con el especificado título (y más cosas si se quiere) y se abra su edición. Alontra, lo siento, queda por mejorar y ahora se abre en el vim. Le añadiremos que si el usuario eres tu, se te abra en emacs.

Por debajo de la plantilla hay que meter el texto en md.

Una vez acabado, corremos el sub_nikola_build y con esto se debería regenerar la web, incluyendo la nueva entrada.

De paso hemos creado la carpeta public/code/ donde quien quiera puede poner su código para compartirlo con el resto de tripulación.

Todo muy mejorable, pero por ahora ya esta bien.

DNS flag day

Today I got a weird love letter from INCIBE-CERT - Spanish National CSIRT. As a typical love letter, it contains very little facts, but rather a strange mixture of propaganda marketing and unspecified threats.

It is in the name of what they say is a DNS Flag Day: already we don't start well, what a wonderfull world would be without borders and flags... Smells like Trumpism under cover, but don't get me serious, I didn't check the links of action lobby and the (tec-)far-right. You can check the names on the right panel of this site.

Anyways, from what I understood, they want to add some parameters to bind servers, namely edns-udp-size 1232; and max-udp-size 1232; to bind options section. That is OK, it is to assure that the Internet doesn't get broken when the big boys play.

The only issue is that they got the value wrong.
It is obvious that it shouldn't be 1232 but 1312.
But that maybe wouldn't suite well the flag, as long as it is not the black and red one.